paul johan karlsen



Paul Johan Karlsen (b. 1975 in Bodø) is a Norwegian writer and lecturer at the Department of Psychology, University of Tromsø. He is also the editor of Scandinavian Psychologist, the largest journal in psychology in Nordic countries.

Karlsen holds an MA in psychology from New York University and a PhD in psychology from the University of Oslo. A former freelance journalist, he writes both nonfiction and literary fiction.

He has published five trade books in Norway: a novel – Daimler (Aschehoug, 2002), the self-help book Slik får du bedre hukommelse [How to improve your memory] (Aschehoug, 2004), the popular science books Psykologi i et nøtteskall [Psychology in a nutshell] (Flux forlag, 2015) and Hva er hukommelse [What is memory] (Universitetsforlaget, 2008), as well as the introductory textbook Psykologi: Inngangsporten [Psychology: The first introduction] (Universitetsforlaget, 2012).

Paul Johan Karlsen is a regular columnist in the national newspaper Aftenposten and has previously written for Dagbladet. He is represented by Aschehoug Agency and lives in Oslo and New York City.


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